Image Identify

We are inviting members to look through some of the images that we have scanned but have no description, location, vehicle type, date etc.

CLICK here to go to the web page of images.(To be added when images are loaded and you will be advised in Turntable when it is available)

If you can identify or comment on the image, Click the FORM link on the page and a form will be loaded where you can record your data, press ‘SUBMIT’ to send it to the Digitising committee.

If you are a new researcher could you please click the form link above and send a reply with ID of ‘Research’ and your name and email address in the ‘details’ box.
This is so we can email you when new images are available.

Note:- Your input is completely Unanimous – no identification is required
BUT no abuse please.

When all is ready we will put details of how to use the identification web pages in the Turntable.


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