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The Last Years of Wellington Suburban Train Variety

Tony Hurst

Currently, Wellington suburban train services are operated by Matangi electric multiple-units, all virtually visibly identical. But as recently as 2011 there was a wide variety of electric units in use, as well as one set of locomotive-hauled carriages, providing a much more colourful and varied operating fleet, including colour schemes of an earlier era. This was not by deliberate planning: it was rather that a lack of timely decisions on new stock had led to hurried re-introduction of previously withdrawn multiple-units and locomotives. This book tells the story of this era, with an emphasis on the variety of equipment and liveries that could be seen up until 2012.  The story is lavishly illustrated with photographs illustrating the visual diversity within this period.

145 x 210mm, card covers, landscape format, 45 photographs.   64 pages, card covers

Retail: NZ$30.00 AU$40.00 RoW$54.00
Member: NZ $24.00 AU$34.00 RoW$ 48.00

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