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When Trams Met Trains in New Zealand 

At a time when city tramways and railways in New Zealand fed each other’s networks and often crossed the respective right-of-way’s, noted author Graham Stewart shares the previously undocumented story and images of these interesting interfaces.
The crossing of a heavy-rail train with a light-railed street vehicle over a street level crossing has always required extreme caution. From the early crossing keeper holding their red and green flags to high-tech signals of today; there has never been any room for a margin of error. For over 90 years when trams met trains, not one life has been recorded as having been lost in an accident – a truly remarkable record of safety. Some tram lines to the suburbs stopped just before a railway level crossing, as to proceed further would have required the additional maintenance cost of the crossing’s manganese steel track diamonds, the crossing keeper’s wages and signalmen of those years.¬† this is the story of those crossings whether they were level or the vehicles crossed on a viaduct or bridge. The story is lavishly illustrated with photographs and diagrams researched from archives throughout New Zealand.
250 x 210 mm portrait format, 198 photographs, 84 pages, card covers.
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