NZRLS – Policy on Covid-19

Minimum requirements at Traffic Light “Red”, Phase One, at NZRLS sites and meetings to take effect from 5 February 2022.

  1. Masks are to be worn by visitors and contractors at both NZRLS sites, which are the Thomas McGavin Building, Ava, and Silverstream North End. Mask wearing is not a requirement of NZRLS staff, administrators and members working as volunteers.
  2. Everyone is required to scan a QR code on entry or to sign the paper log record of people entering and leaving each site.
  3. Capacity limits for each site based on one metre social distancing are set at 10 people present at Ava and 15 people present at Silverstream.
  4. No one who is ill or who is feeling ill is to enter the sites.

Explanatory notes

  • These requirements apply to all people present at both NZRLS sites and all people attending NZRLS meetings, including members, volunteers, staff, visitors and tradespersons.
  • These requirements apply to all face to face NZRLS committee, board and other meetings of the national organisation held at NZRLS sites or elsewhere. The requirements do not apply to meetings and other activities of local groups of the NZRLS. These groups are encouraged to follow government requirements and advice when holding meetings and activities.
  • The wearing of good quality masks, such as surgical grade masks, is strongly encouraged. If a mask is being worn it should be attached to the face by loops around the ears or head. This means people cannot use scarves, bandannas or T-shirts as face coverings.
  • People entering and moving around NZRLS sites are reminded to socially distance from others by keeping at least one metre apart from others.
  • If there are any changes to NZ government requirements in respect of Covid-19, the above NZRLS requirements will be reviewed immediately by the NZRLS President and Secretary.

Bruce Taylor

Secretary NZRLS

8 Feb 2022

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