Ava Archive: Open Times for Members

The Board has decided on the following modification to our existing Covid-19 policy. This relates to visits by NZRLS members to the Ava archive and office.

In view of the changed intensity of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Wellington region our archive and office at the Thomas McGavin Building at Ava is open to Members subject to the wearing of a good quality mask during their visit.

Do not come to Ava if you are ill, or are feeling ill.

This decision will be reviewed as necessary to follow government public health notices. We may alter conditions or availability of access to our building to follow official advice. Please check the Latest News section of the NZRLS website for any updates on access to Ava.

If you would like to drop off something or wish to pop in to pick up a book at Ava, you will be very welcome, but it will be appreciated if you make an appointment by phone prior to you visit to ensure we will be on site.

Our apologies to anyone inconvenienced by our policy; we are seeking to maximise safe access to our facilities subject to reasonable health precautions.

Bruce Taylor, Secretary

4 May 2022

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