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The New Zealand Railway Observer : Issued Bi-monthly, ISSN 0028-8624
Issue 343 – August-September, 2017 – Volume 74  No.3



      • Greymouth Harbour Board
        Locomotives and steam Shovels

        Locomotive B-11 and rock wagons, 1949 photo Hugh Bennett

        Greymouth Harbour Board Railway

        Brian Whebell & Mary Trayes

      • Euan McQueens firewood railway
        DLA Turner
      • From clerical cadet to Stationmaster
        Bill Cowan
      • Research Notes #194 -The Heart of the Matter
        Graeme McClare
      • Operation Overlander remembered
      • From the collection of …Peter Mellor
        Bill Prebble

    • Down at the Station, letters, DVD’s


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    Photograph Pleasant Point Railway Museum Archives. 

    33  Colour Photographs in this issue, plus front and back covers.


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