Accident Register

The register is estimated to contain 10,000 entries. Entries are listed chronologically with each entry recording the date, location, the type of accident (eg collision, derailment, slip etc), a brief description and a list of references. Printouts of portions of the register can be arranged, for details please contact the Archivist.

Below is a sample page from the register.

ACCIDENTS (1980 -1984)

(see other listing for slips & earthquakes not directly involving trains)
Note: “Collision” refers to a train hitting a person or small animal
References B=Box on accidents;N=Newspaper; P=Photograph; CFJ=CF Johnson’s list FT=Funnel Talk; RX=Rotorua Express; S/phore=Semaphore; T/talk=Trains Talk; Wh=Whistle; Yn=YARN DA=Danger Ahead;F&W=Foxton & Wanganui Rly; LHW= Learning the Hard Way; NZTW=NZ Train Wrecks; TD=Tangwai Disaster & 30 other railway accidents; TT=Tragedy on the Tracks; Vulcan=VuIcan Railcars in New Zealand; GM; CCE; DE etc = NZR Files; GM-RO=GM’s Review of Operations; D.2=Railways Statement; DTM CM=DTM Circular Memorandum
Date Description Reference
6 Jan 1980
Palm. North
Derailment. Wagon “UC” 2309 while being shunted DE 260/6A
7 Jan 1980
Derailment. Wagon “UK” 4220 + “UK” 11430 on shunting
CCE 9401
P, DE 260/6A
7 Jan 1980
Derailment. Wagon “UK” 7574 + “UK” l3670 on shunting
CCE 9401
P, DE 260/6A
8 Jan 1980
Capsize. 40-ton steam crane No 200 capsized while
unloading components for bridge No 7
CCE 29313/78
9 Jan l980
Collision. “Dj” 1203 on Christchurch – Invercargill express
goods collided with herd of cattle
CCE 9161
GM-RO YE 31/3/80
11 Jan 1980
Derailment. Wagon “ZP” 4330 on Middleton – Greymouth
CCE 9161
19 Jan 1980
Derailment. 5 wagons on Greymouth – Middleton goods
due to broken axle
CCE 9161
GM-RO YE 31/3/80
20 Jan 1980
Derailment. “Dsc”‘ 438 while shunting DME 80/17
21 Jan 1980
Derailment “Da” 1448 rtunning light while shunting DME 80/17
23 Jan 1980
Slip “Dx” 2641 + 2 wagons derailed on Auckland –
Wellington express goods
GM-RO YE 31/3/80
24 Jan 1980
Morley Rd Loco
(New Plymouth)
Derailment. “Dc” 1559 running light DME 80/17
24 Jan 1980
Derailment Wagon “UK” 685 on Westfield – Wellington
CCE 25265

We also hold copies of reports issued by the Transport Accident Investigation Commission on railway and tramway related accidents.