Accident Register

The register, which is regularly being added to, is estimated to contain 10,000 entries. Entries are listed chronologically with each entry recording the date, location, the type of accident (eg collision, derailment, slip etc), a brief description and a list of references. Printouts of portions of the register can be arranged, for details please contact the Archivist.

Below is a sample page from the register.

ACCIDENTS (1980 -1984)

(see other listing for slips & earthquakes not directly involving trains)
Note: “Collision” refers to a train hitting a person or small animal
References┬áB=Box on accidents;N=Newspaper; P=Photograph; CFJ=CF Johnson’s list FT=Funnel Talk; RX=Rotorua Express; S/phore=Semaphore; T/talk=Trains Talk; Wh=Whistle; Yn=YARN DA=Danger Ahead;F&W=Foxton & Wanganui Rly; LHW= Learning the Hard Way; NZTW=NZ Train Wrecks; TD=Tangwai Disaster & 30 other railway accidents; TT=Tragedy on the Tracks; Vulcan=VuIcan Railcars in New Zealand; GM; CCE; DE etc = NZR Files; GM-RO=GM’s Review of Operations; D.2=Railways Statement; DTM CM=DTM Circular Memorandum
Date Description Reference
6 Jan 1980
Palm. North
Derailment. Wagon “UC” 2309 while being shunted DE 260/6A
7 Jan 1980
Derailment. Wagon “UK” 4220 + “UK” 11430 on shunting
CCE 9401
P, DE 260/6A
7 Jan 1980
Derailment. Wagon “UK” 7574 + “UK” l3670 on shunting
CCE 9401
P, DE 260/6A
8 Jan 1980
Capsize. 40-ton steam crane No 200 capsized while
unloading components for bridge No 7
CCE 29313/78
9 Jan l980
Collision. “Dj” 1203 on Christchurch – Invercargill express
goods collided with herd of cattle
CCE 9161
GM-RO YE 31/3/80
11 Jan 1980
Derailment. Wagon “ZP” 4330 on Middleton – Greymouth
CCE 9161
19 Jan 1980
Derailment. 5 wagons on Greymouth – Middleton goods
due to broken axle
CCE 9161
GM-RO YE 31/3/80
20 Jan 1980
Derailment. “Dsc”‘ 438 while shunting DME 80/17
21 Jan 1980
Derailment “Da” 1448 rtunning light while shunting DME 80/17
23 Jan 1980
Slip “Dx” 2641 + 2 wagons derailed on Auckland –
Wellington express goods
GM-RO YE 31/3/80
24 Jan 1980
Morley Rd Loco
(New Plymouth)
Derailment. “Dc” 1559 running light DME 80/17
24 Jan 1980
Derailment Wagon “UK” 685 on Westfield – Wellington
CCE 25265

We also hold copies of reports issued by the Transport Accident Investigation Commission on railway and tramway related accidents.