A&G Price Drawings

In mid-2018 the New Zealand Railway & Locomotive Society Inc took on custodianship of the majority of the surviving engineering drawings from A&G Price and William Cable.

The Price drawings date back to the mid-1890s while the Cable drawings date from after WWII.

A small team has started listing and scanning those drawings that are most relevant to our interests. Scans of drawings from the first three of the 18 cabinets can now be purchased on USB thumbdrive from the Society. Full details of charges and a list of all drawings in the first three cabinets can be found in the downloadable PDF files.

These drawings are fragile and many are in poor condition. They are not stored at the Society’s archive premises at Ava. Therefore it is generally not possible for researchers to access the originals.

Copy of the PDF file Cabinet-8

Copy of the PDF file Cabinet-17

Copy of PDF File Cabinet 18

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