Photo Collection

The collection is estimated to contain 40,000 prints and 15,000 negatives of railway and tramway subjects.

Cataloging has been in progress for some time and although progressing well a number of holdings remain to be sorted out and added to the index.

Photographers represented include:-

  • AH Bennett
  • JD Buckley
  • D Cross
  • DKG Greenhill
  • JA Joyce
  • FHE King
  • RJ Meyer
  • KA Robinson
  • AR Schmidt
  • BD Whebell

The collection is organised into the following major Categories to give access to prints.

  • Locomotives etc. –
    accessed by class and road number (or maker’s number for private locomotives)
  • Rolling Stock –
    accessed by class
  • Geographic –
    accessed by line and station
  • Events –
    accidents, exhibitions, royal visits, etc. People
  • Structures –
    bridges, loco sheds, turntables, water towers, etc.
  • Equipment
    – signals, train control & tablet systems, etc.
  • Non-rail services –
    rail-air, road services, shipping.

A selection of images from our archives