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May 2024

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New Zealand Railways At Night 

Bill Prebble

New Zealand Railways At Night seeks to redress a void in our written history, covering the night railway as experienced in the period from the mid-1920s through to 1982, when the Government railway was corporatised, a period when many New Zealanders’ chose the railway as their principal form of transport. This was a time when most night travel was endured sitting upright on firm non-reclinable seats. Refreshment room stops caused a minor disruption in the darkened carriage as some travellers unable to sleep sought comfort in food, or simply stretched their legs on the platform, while others more fortunate slumbered on… It is occasions like that which images in the book evoke memories of. Images “in the dark” creates a sense of mystique, as it is sometimes not just what is highlighted in the images, but equally what lurks in the darkened background. Converse to the night railway view by the travelling public, featured also is the night railway endured by the railway shift worker, exposing a life at work after dark. Considered by some as an “art book”, with 239 photographs, the majority presented full-size, this book is a visual treat.

 280 x 216mm landscape format, 201 black & white and 38 colour photographs, 256 pages, hardbound.

Members Price:             NZ $50.00     AU$73.00   RoW $112.00

Non Members Price:   NZ $75.00      AU $98.00  RoW $137.00

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NZR’s Rebuilt G Class – The Phoenix That Failed

Jonathan Shingleton

From author Jonathan Shingleton, who brought us Alpine Thunder, the renowned book on the KB class, Jonathan brings us a well-researched and interesting account of NZR’s rebuilt three-cylinder G class. In attempt to make something useful of the ill-fated Garratts, NZR used the chassis of the three Garratt articulated locomotives to build six G class Pacifics. In theory, these should have been very handy motive power for the South Island, but the engineering constrictions imposed by the loading gauge on the new design plus the inherent weaknesses transferred from the Garratt engine units to the rebuilt engines, all conspired to make them problematic and unreliable. Jonathan delves into the detail of how NZR attempted to correct the issues and improve the design, plus how the crews worked these unique three-cylinder engines. This is a fascinating read.

 A4 portrait format, 100 black & white and 3 colour photographs, tables, diagrams, drawings and map. 142 pages, softbound.

Members Price:          NZ $43.00     AU$59.00      RoW $75.00

Non Members Price:   NZ $53.00      AU $69.00     RoW $85.00

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Railway Houses of New Zealand (Reprint) 

Bruce Shalders

Due to its popularity the Society has done a small print run of Railway Houses of New Zealand which was first published in 2017.

As New Zealand Railways pushed the rail network about New Zealand, opening up new country for development, a challenge presented itself to house railwaymen in country areas where infrastructure didn’t exist or was newly formed. Railways only alternative was to construct houses for their employees. Initially part of the Public Works Department responsibilities, eventually an Architectural Branch within New Zealand Railways was formed under George Troup.  This development lead to new designs of railway houses, a design that was to become symbolic in the New Zealand landscape.  To manufacture these houses, Railways set up a sawmill and special factory in Frankton, kit-setting houses, delivering them by rail as parts packs and ultimately erecting them about the country. As well as far-flung reaches of the railway system, Railways ended up developing ‘model” railway settlements at places as diverse as Otahuhu, Newmarket, Frankton, Te Kuiti, Taumarunui, Ohakune, Taihape, Palmerston North, Napier, Eastown, Kaiwharawhara, Christchurch, Arthur’s Pass, Otira, Dunedin and other places around the country. This book closes with Government’s exit from railway house ownership in the 1990’s and a chapter on the railway house survivors. Complementing the text is a lavish selection of black and white and colour images from the era and current day. Railway houses and the nearby railway environment are extensively featured. 

Landscape format, 72 black and white and 84 colour illustrations, 16 diagrams, 142 pages, soft bound. 

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My Life as a Locomotive Engineer 

Kevin Tasker

From his earliest childhood memories, Kevin always wanted to be a “driver”. Starting the job at Napier loco depot in 1960, a period of time when Kevin was fortunate to have worked many steam operations between Gisborne and Woodville before the final fires were extinguished in June 1967.  Following successive examinations, moving through “C” and “B” rosters, Kevin finally moved to the top roster in 1986, running hot-shot freights and passenger jobs in the Bay with DA, DC, DF and DX classes. While the diesel railway was the backbone of his employment, he opted to certify as a fireman and driver on steam excursions, many of these operations are recalled in detail. The operational railway included interesting moments and those retold include breakdowns, restructuring, single-man operation, fighting to stay awake, speed, track incidents, closure of the depot, decline of the Gisborne line and, heading for retirement. Having retired, Kevin was asked to return for steam specials, but eventually ended up back working part-time, training up and operating the DL class. His 55 year career spans an interesting period of railway operating that makes this a fascinating read. 

A4 portrait format, 19 black and white and 70 colour photographs, 1 map, 112 pages, soft bound. 

Members Price: NZ $39.00  AU$55.00   RoW$70.00

Non Members Price: NZ $49.00  AU$65.00   RoW$80.00

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Steam Trails – Life Viewed from the Guard’s Van 

Norman Junge

Here’s a fresh account of life on the job. Most crew stories have been written from the front of the train, but the guard at the back of the train had a completely different view of the world and the things that occurred on the railway. Norman Junge was a guard on the Midland Line from 1947 to 1957, a period of busy train running and frequent challenges in “getting trains through”. Join Norman for an exceptionally interesting adventure covering mixed trains, work trains, picnic trains, shunting challenges, lost drawgear, fires, washouts, runaways, derailments, and of course interfaces with fellow railwaymen. This is a fascinating and easy read with much new information to interest the reader. Many of the accounts are illustrated with photographs taken by the author while on the job and supplemented by others.   

Members Price: NZ $37.00  AU$52.00   RoW$67.00

Non Members Price: NZ $47.00  AU$62.00   RoW$77.00

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Trams Still Around New Zealand 

Graham Stewart

With 27 books to his credit, well known author Graham Stewart has announced it is the end of the line, his last book.  Graham has completed in-depth research to deliver a well-illustrated coverage of the remaining trams in New Zealand.

Trams still Around New Zealand is true to its title, detailing the existence of 99 trams; 85 in New Zealand and 14 trams from Australia now resident here.  Between the covers the reader will discover that the tramcar in New Zealand is far from a street vehicle of the past. Already the tram has returned to the streets of Auckland and Christchurch. Coverage is given to each of the trams now running within the boundaries of transport museums in New Zealand, those that are in storage but not yet running, with coverage also of trams still used as baches around New Zealand. Each tram portrayed has its history outlined with generous photographic coverage of each tram in original condition, as stored, and finally as restored (if that has occurred). Also featured are the Wellington and Dunedin cable-cars. Wrapping up this most interesting books is a broad coverage of the various tramway societies and groups. 

A4 Portrait format, over 600 black and white and colour photographs, 160 pages, card covers.

Members Price: NZ $39.00  AU$55.00   RoW$70.00

Non Members Price: NZ $49.00  AU$65.00   RoW$80.00

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Alpine Thunder – When the KB Class Ruled the Midland Line

Jonathan Shingleton

Finally, the complete story of NZR’s most powerful conventional steam locomotive class has been documented.

Author Jonathan Shingleton details the operational constrictions of the Midland line, history leading up to the development of the Kclass, including proposals to transfer X class to the South Island and add boosters. Learn how Midland Line east-bound loads were governed by Ehaulage capacity through the Otira tunnel, the manufacture and bedding in of the KBs, their daily operation, the booster operation and maintenance, trailling of KB operations out of Dunedin, a proposal to transfer all KBs to the North Island, and their eventual displacement onto the Main South Line. Detail of the KB operations are neatly interspersed with crew accounts of operating the KB class; the firemen, drivers and fitters. Complementing the text is a lavish selection of black and white and colour images from the era.

Portrait format, 157 black and white and 55 colour photographs, tables, 3 diagrams and map. 272 pages hardbound.

Members Price: NZ $50.00  AU$65.00   RoW$100.00

Non Members Price: NZ$69.00  AU$84.00   RoW$119.00

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Retro Reds To The Rescue

The Last Years of Wellington Suburban Train Variety

Tony Hurst

Currently, Wellington suburban train services are operated by Matangi electric multiple-units, all virtually visibly identical. But as recently as 2011 there was a wide variety of electric units in use, as well as one set of locomotive-hauled carriages, providing a much more colourful and varied operating fleet, including colour schemes of an earlier era. This was not by deliberate planning: it was rather that a lack of timely decisions on new stock had led to hurried re-introduction of previously withdrawn multiple-units and locomotives. This book tells the story of this era, with an emphasis on the variety of equipment and liveries that could be seen up until 2012.  The story is lavishly illustrated with photographs illustrating the visual diversity within this period.

145 x 210mm, card covers, landscape format, 45 photographs. 64 pages, card covers

Members Price: NZ $24.00  AU$34.00   RoW$48.00 

Non Members Price:   NZ$30.00  AU$40.00    RoW$54.00

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The Kaikoura Job

Rob Merrifield

The magnitude 7.8 earthquake that struck the Kaikoura region on 14 November 2016 caused the most devastation to the rail and highway network known in New Zealand’s modern times.
The transport corridor along the Kaikoura coast was largely destroyed.
To rebuild this critical lifeline speedily, the North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery alliance was set up.
A4 portrait format, 22 black and white and 97 colour illustrations, 4 maps, 134 pages, card covers.

Members Prices: NZ $34.00,   AU $46.00,    RoW $60.00

Non Members Prices: NZ $46.00,   AU $60.00,    RoW $72.00

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Riding With Ces Gledhill

Edited by Bill Prebble

Starting as a cleaner at Auckland in 1925, Ces worked his way around New Zealand seeking better wages and promotion, working his way up through the ranks from cleaner, to fireman and eventually first-class engine driver. He recounts with interest his time living at the various towns and cities, working on both isolated sections, branch lines and on main trunk trains. Told with passion are many of his memorable footplate escapades on both North and South Island lines. This book is well illustrated with images of the period, many taken by the author while working on the job.

Members Prices: NZ $34.00,   AU$46.00,   RoW$60.00

Non Members Prices: NZ $44.00,   AU $60.00,   RoW $72.00

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A West Coast Engineman

Ian Tibbles

Ian takes us on a journey about the West Coast as a Greymouth-based NZR fireman from 1962 to 1970. Relieving at the various West Coast depots, Ian provides insight on what it was like “getting down the road” on the various lines and classes of engines. The vagaries of narrow grate engines through to the “modern” J class are all discussed. Covering the golden age of steam on the Coast, without a doubt this is a book for lovers of NZR steam in the 60’s.

A4 portrait format, 163 black and white and 99 colour photographs, 2 maps, track plan, and diagrams, 251 pages, card covers.

Members Prices: NZ $45.00, AU $59.00,  NA $77.00, EU $77.00, RoW $79.00

Non Members Prices: NZ $65.00,  AU $74.00,  NA $94.00,  EU $94.00 , RoW $96.00 

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NZR Stand Alone Mechanical Signal Boxes
Of the HJ Wynne Era 1900-1929

John Fitzgerald
The NZR signal box stood sentinel over junctions and railway
station precincts for over 80 years. Packed full of photographs,
signaling and interlock track diagrams, all 129 signal boxes are
covered in this book. Card covers, 271 pp, 130 b&w
photographs, signaling, and interlocking track diagrams, and
signal box diagrams.

Members Prices: NZ$45.00, AU $59.00, NA $77.00, EU $77.00, RoW $79.00

Non Members Prices: NZ $65.00, AU $79.00, NA $97.00, EU $97.00, RoW $99.00

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The NZR Steam Locomotive

Sean Millar

This noteworthy book covers the development and operation of the
NZR Steam Locomotive. Bringing together later day research on individual
classes Sean Millar incorporates much previously unpublished material. All
NZR classes are featured from the formative years through to final
development. Photographs of each class elucidate the chronological evolution
caused by either technological improvements or rebuilding to accommodate
workplace changes. Lavishly illustrated, this book is a visual feast, featuring
numerous previously unpublished photographs. 615 black and white
photographs, A4 portrait format, 336 pp, hard-back with dust jacket.

Members Prices: NZ $50.00, AU $60.00, NA $93.00 EU $103.00, RoW $103.00

Non Members Prices: NZ $75.00, AU $85.00, NA $110.00, EU $120.00, RoW $120.00

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Trains on the Trunk

Compiled by Graeme Carter

Trains on the Trunk is a celebration of over 100 years of
construction and operation on the most important railway in
New Zealand. A4 landscape format, 100 pp, card covers, packed
with black and white and colour photographs of the construction,
the railway infrastructure, and trains hauled by various forms of

Members Prices: NZ $32.00,  AU $38.00, NA $48.00, EU$ 48.00 RoW $48.00

Non Members Prices: NZ $45.00, AU $52.50, NA $59.00, EU $61.00, RoW $61.00

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Addington Railway Workshops
Working With Wood

Keith G. Brown

The first book to document Addington’s leading role in the manufacture
and repair of rolling stock for NZR, as a tradesman carpenter at Addington
for 38 years Keith Brown provides a fascinating look behind the fence of
this once-famous facility. A4 portrait format, 112pp, card covers, lavishly
illustrated with black and white and colour photographs, building layout
and a track plan.

Members Prices: NZ $37.50, AU $45.00, NA $54.50, EU $54.50, RoW $54.50

Non Members Prices: NZ $49.00, AU $57.50, NA $64.00, EU $66.00, RoW $ 66.00

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Uncommon Carrier

K.R. Cassells

This ambiguous title covers the history of the Wellington & Manawatu
Railway Company operations from 1882 until the takeover by New Zealand
Government Railways in 1908. Well illustrated, this book covers the
influence of North American design of motive power and rolling stock.
Casebound, 24cm x 18cm, 208pp, black and white photographs, plans,
rolling stock drawings and track diagrams.

Members Prices: NZ $25.00,   AU $33.00,   RoW $46.00

Non Members Prices: NZ $30.00,   AU $38.00,   RoW $51.00

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Cane Train

Peter Dyer and Peter Hodge

This is the definitive story of the narrow gauge sugar cane railways of Fiji.
A system once featuring 800 kilometres of 2-foot gauge track and 143
locomotives, this well-researched book delivers a full account of this
fascinating operation. Casebound, 24cm x 18cm, 178 pp, lavishly
illustrated with 128 photographs plus maps and line drawings.

Members Prices: NZ $20.00,   AU $28.00,   RoW $41.00

Non Members Prices: NZ $24.00,   AU $32.00,   RoW $45.00

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More Footplate Memories

Rex Hercock

The people met and incidents that occurred can make daily life interesting
on the rails. In this account, engine driver Rex Hercock recounts many of
those stories and illustrates them with his own sketches, faithfully
capturing the flavour of the moment. Card covers, A4 size, 52pp.

Members Prices: NZ $17.50,   AU $22.00,   RoW $28.50

Non Members Prices: NZ $25.00,   AU $29.50,   RoW $36.00

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Sleepers Beneath My Wheels

M.D. Hazeldine

The life of an engine driver is frequently all but straight-forward. In this
account, engine driver Mick Hazeldine recalls anecdotes of his life on the
footplate in the South Island. Illustrated with black and white photographs
covering the area and period 1944 to 1984, this is a great read. Card covers,
24cm x 18cm, 80pp.

Members Prices: NZ $15.00,   AU $19.00,   RoW $25.00

Non Members Prices: NZ $18.00,   AU $22.00,   RoW $28.00

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A Compendium of Railway Construction
Part 3: Nelson and West Coast Region

F.K. Roberts

Forging of railways through the land, construction of tunnels, bridges and
other civil engineering is covered in detail. Accompanied by maps,
gradient diagrams, plus interesting photographs of construction and
operation. Paper covers, 24cm x 18cm, 64pp.

Members Prices: NZ $14.00,   AU $17.50,   RoW $18.50

Non Members Prices: NZ$ 17.00,   AU $21.00,   RoW $22.00

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A Compendium of Railway Construction
Part 2: North Island Main Trunk

F.K. Roberts

Forging of the main trunk between Te Kuiti and Marton, construction of
tunnels, bridges, and other civil engineering feats are covered in detail.
Accompanied by maps, diagrams, and 58 interesting photographs of
construction and operation. Paper covers, 24cm x 18cm, 64pp.

Members Prices: NZ$12.00,   AU $15.50,   RoW $16.50

Non Members Prices: NZ $14.00,   AU $18.00,   RoW $20.00

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South Island Diesel Scene

Compiled by G.R. Rossiter

An interesting selection of black and white and colour photographs showing
diesel-hauled trains at work in the South Island landscape during the 1970s
and 1980s. Paper covers, 24cm x 18cm, 32pp.

Members Prices: NZ $11.00,   AU $14.50,   RoW $15.50

Non Members Prices: NZ $13.00,   AU $17.00,   RoW $18.00

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NZR Freight Rolling Stock Plan Book
Volume 2

Fred Lee

Each wagon is represented by detailed drawings and prototype
photographs of the wagons in service. Variants included – classes BT,
F, LC, N, Q, R, UBW, UC, UD, UR, URL, VS, XP, YC, Z. A must-
have for modelers and those interested in the evolution of NZR’s
wagon fleet. Card covers, A4 size, 48pp.

Members Prices: NZ $20.00,   AU $24.00,   RoW $31.00

Non Members Prices: NZ $24.00,   AU $28.00,   RoW $35.00

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NZR Working Timetable Reprint
Auckland Section 1884

Compiled by T.A. McGavin

This is a facsimile reprint of the original working timetable for the
Auckland section in 1884. It delivers much insight to the structures extant
and operation of traffic at that time. Card covers, 24cm x 18cm, 22pp.

Members Prices: NZ $6.00,   AU $7.00,   RoW $8.00

Non Members Prices: NZ $7.00,   AU $8.00,   RoW $9.00

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Some New Zealand Railway Scenes From
Norman Daniel’s Camera

Compiled by T.A. McGavin

An interesting selection of 34 colour photographs by Norman Daniel
showing diesel-hauled trains at work mainly in the North Island.
Paper covers, 21cm x 15cm, 20pp.

Members Prices: NZ$8.50,   AU $12.00,   RoW $13.00

Non Members Prices: NZ $10.00,   AU $14.00,   RoW $16.00

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My Colouring Book of New Zealand Trains

Rex Hercock

Designed as children’s colouring book, an interesting selection of
sketches are provided. Just add imagination and coloured pencils.
Card covers, A4 size, 16pp.

Members Prices: NZ $10.00,   AU $15.00,   RoW $17.00

Non Members Prices: NZ $10.00,  AU $15.00,   RoW $17.00

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Three Preserved Steam Locomotives

G.J. McClare

History and technical detail is provided on three steam locomotives
preserved by the New Zealand Railway & Locomotive Society – AB608,
WAB 794 and X442. Paper covers, 24cm x 18cm, 18 photographs, 14pp.

Members Prices: NZ $6.00,   AU $7.00,   RoW $8.00

Non Members Prices: NZ $7.00,   AU $8.00,   RoW $9.00

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