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The Society was formed in 1944 by enthusiasts interested in the then New Zealand Railways. Membership is open to all with an interest in the New Zealand Railway system both old and new. Member groups meet in most cities where talks, films, and other activities can be enjoyed. Read more–>

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Update on Restoration of WMR 52

Restoration is under way on our Wellington and Manawatu Railway Co Carriage No. 52. Here are some photos taken since the middle of last year.

Alan Wilton and Mike Dutton prepare to lift a bogie frame from storage for overhaul use under WMR 52, photo taken July 2023

Bogie frame being lifted and turned over for overhaul – photo taken July 2023

Mike Dutton, Alan Wilton and John Vanniselroy place a bogie on the workshop floor for overhaul – photo taken July 2023.

John and Katie Vanniselroy working on separating body of WMR 52 from the floor – photo taken October 2023

Parts for two bogies laid out for overhaul – photo taken October 2023

John Vnniselroy and Kevin Cottle take a break while working on WMR 52 – photo taken February 2024

Broken and rotted frame members of framing of WMR 52- photo taken July 2023

Upper body of WMR 52 is lifted clear of the floor framing. Next step is to raise the upper body higher and to lower the floor so the framing can be assessed and worked on more readily – photo taken February 2024

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2023 Minutes of Annual General Meeting and Final Audited Financial Statements

The Minutes of the 2023 NZRLS Annual General Meeting and final audited Financial Statements are now available for members to view under the Members Section.


Members will need to log in to access the Members section to see the notice and AGM Papers as well as a copy of the Presentation done at the meeting by Daran Ponter, Chair of the Greater Wellington Regional Council and a keen observer of rail developments, including the new hybrid trains for the Manawatu and Wairarapa lines which he was the driving force behind.

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