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The Society was formed in 1944 by enthusiasts interested in the then New Zealand Railways. Membership is open to all with an interest in the New Zealand Railway system both old and new. Member groups meet in most cities where talks, films, and other activities can be enjoyed. Read more–>

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The Wait is Over… in stock now….


Finally, the complete story of NZR’s most powerful conventional steam locomotive class has been documented.

Author Jonathan Shingleton details the operational constrictions of the Midland line, history leading up to the development of the KB class, including proposals to transfer X class to the South Island and add boosters. Learn how Midland Line east-bound loads were governed by EO haulage capacity through the Otira tunnel, the manufacture and bedding in of the KBs, their daily operation, the booster operation and maintenance, trailling of KB operations out of Dunedin, a proposal to transfer all KBs to the North Island, and their eventual displacement onto the Main South Line. Detail of the KB operations are neatly interspersed with crew accounts of operating the KB class; the firemen, drivers and fitters. Complementing the text is a lavish selection of black and white and colour images from the era.

Portrait format, 157 black and white and 55 colour photographs, tables, 3 diagrams and map.

272 pages hardbound.


You can order a copy by selecting Publication Catalogue under the “Publications” tab. Prices are shown in the catalogue and immediately below the prices is an option to “Order this book” which will take you to our on line order form which upon completion will give you the choice of paying by direct banking or credit card.

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New A&G Price Drawings available

A&G Price Drawings – a further batch of drawings are now available.
The lastest batch scanned are from the third cabinet and are high-resolution scans of the rail-relevant tracings . These cover the period from the mid-1940s to the mid-1950s and include surviving drawings of the V-type steam lokey, the RNZAF 87hp petrol locos, the 3ft-gauge Remutaka tunnel construction diesel locos and the first of Price’s second-generation shunting tractors, among others. There are also a number of logging and mining drawings.
Full details of charges and a list of all drawings can be found in the downloadable PDF files under the Archives tab on the Society’s website. The plans are in cabinets and as they are scanned and become available we will add further PDF files.
These drawings are fragile and many are in poor condition. They are not stored at the Society’s archive premises at Ava. Therefore it is generally not possible for researchers to access the originals.
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