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Ava Archive: Open Times for Members

The Board has decided on the following modification to our existing Covid-19 policy. This relates to visits by NZRLS members to the Ava archive and office. In view of the changed intensity of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Wellington region our archive and office at the Thomas McGavin Building at Ava is open to Members… Read more »

NZRLS – Policy on Covid-19

Minimum requirements at Traffic Light “Red”, Phase One, at NZRLS sites and meetings to take effect from 5 February 2022. Masks are to be worn by visitors and contractors at both NZRLS sites, which are the Thomas McGavin Building, Ava, and Silverstream North End. Mask wearing is not a requirement of NZRLS staff, administrators and… Read more »

Update on WMR 48

Rob Merrifield has taken delivery of some castings, window latch stops to complete the quantity we need for WMR 48, and leaves for reproduction hinges for all the doors of 48. They are quite nice castings. The hinge parts will need drilling and to have pins and bezels made before they are complete ready for… Read more »

Ava Archive Open Hours over the Festive Season

During the Festive Season, the NZRLS Archive and Office at Ava will be open (with normal hours) on Monday 20th December, Wednesday 22nd December, Wednesday 29th December 2021, then Wednesday 5th January 2022. The other days between those starting and finishing dates when we would normally be open, are taken up with either public or… Read more »