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WMR 52 Progress Update

This photo shows John Vannisselroy cutting tierods out from the floor framing of WMR 52. Broken and rotted longitudinal sills from behind him have already been removed. They were very badly affected by breaks and by rot as a result of long exposure to the weather. Transoms are being removed as the team work from… Read more »

Update on Restoration of WMR 52

Restoration is under way on our Wellington and Manawatu Railway Co Carriage No. 52. Here are some photos taken since the middle of last year. Mike Dutton, Alan Wilton and John Vanniselroy place a bogie on the workshop floor for overhaul – photo taken July 2023. John and Katie Vanniselroy working on separating body of… Read more »

Update on WMR 48

On Wednesday 11th October we made a small but significant addition to WMR 48: we added authentic WMR warning notices to the insides of the entry doors to carriage 48. We found the text to these in Company engineering drawings, and a notice also shows in a Percy Godber photograph taken about 1917. This is… Read more »

Wellington’s Train Network Paper Tickets Saved

Recently NZRLS Director Bill Prebble was on a Radio New Zealand Pod Cast in relation to Wellingtons Train Network Paper tickets.  This is well worth a listen. Click on the link below and under the search section type in Wellington’s Train Network Paper Tickets Saved or scroll through the podcasts available. The interview was on… Read more »