Progress on WMR Carriages Restoration

In June our restoration team was making good progress on restoring WMR 48 to as near its as-built condition of 1906 as possible.

Work is in hand on:

  • Progressing with completing the electrical fit-out;
  • Hanging the interior doors, two swing doors between saloons and the corridor past the toilet, and that into the toilet compartment;
  • Checking and servicing the bogies; and
  • Checking and servicing the brake gear, both air brake and handbrakes;

Coming up, we are preparing to make the overhead luggage racks and to make the dead buffers.

Meanwhile basic work is in hand on WMR 52. We have separated the floor from the walls and roof structure and a woodworker is patiently repairing floor frame members where these can be restored for re-use. Replacement timbers are only being used where we have no other option. Replacement WMR bogies had been sourced for this carriage as the originals had been scrapped by a past owner. These are being slowly overhauled.

Work presses on. Our first target is to complete No 48 within the next year. You can always help us in this fascinating restoration by donating to the Society’s restoration fund. Every dollar helps! We look forward to hearing from you, thank you for your interest and contribution to the work.



Interior view of WMR 48. In place are an electric light, the first oil lamp to be fitted, and clerestory sash openers.

(Photo Rob Merrifield.)










An existing bogie pivot bearing being refurbished on a lathe for re-use under WMR 52.

(Photo B Davidge.)













Floor frame members from WMR 52 being trial fitted during their refurbishment. The suspended upper body framing can be seen at top right.

(Photo Rob Merrifield.)

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