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Membership of the New Zealand Railway and Locomotive Society Incorporated is open to all interested people. Young people over the age of 10 and under 18 years of age who are attending school or college may apply for Junior Membership at a reduced subscription.

Click on a link below to complete the relevant online application form.

Full year Membership subscriptions for 2025 (Due 1st July 2024):

Full Member  New Zealand $110.00 (Paper and Digital Copy Observer)

Full Member  New Zealand $95.00 (Digital Copy Observer)

Overseas Members NZ$130.00 (Paper and Digital Copy Observer)

Overseas Members NZ$95.00 (Digital Copy Observer)

Junior Members (New Zealand and Overseas) $66.00 (Paper and Digital Copy Observer)

Junior Members (New Zealand and Overseas) $51.00 (Digital Copy Observer)

Price is adjusted when new members join half way through a financial year so check the price on the actual form.

New Member Application

Existing Member Renewal

All members of the Society are entitled to a special price for Society publications when they are ordered from the Society. Members can also insert small private announcements or advertisements in “The New Zealand Railway Observer” and our newsletter, “Turntable”, free of charge subject to availability of space and a limit of one advert per issue per member.

Two Magazine Circulation Groups

Within each group, A and B, a variety of current overseas magazines giving rail news are passed from member to member. Regional sub-groups are formed to give as little delay as possible in the distribution of the mail-outs. Each member, when finished reading the pile of magazines posts them on to the next in the group. Postage is typical at $4.70 for the mail-out bag.

If you want to be included in a group, please let us know; the cost is $20.00 per annum for each group.

 Magazines in the Groups
Group A

Newsrail, this is the magazine of the Australian Railway Historical Society (Victorian Division). The publication serves as “a monthly news magazine of current railway events in Victoria.

Australian Railway History, the Bulletin of the Australian Railway Historical Society. In line with the Society’s primary role to research and publish.

Railway Digest, is a monthly magazine covering the railways of New South Wales, and in more recent times, the railways all over Australia.

Railways Illustrated is a British monthly railway magazine that is published details of news, stock changes, tours, and more.

Group B

Tramways, is a British monthly magazine about tramways and light rail transport.

Railway Magazine is a monthly British railway magazine, aimed at the railway enthusiast market, that has been published in London since July 1897.

Trains offer railroad news, railroad industry insight, commentary on today’s freight railroads, passenger service (Amtrak), locomotive technology.
Modern Railways provides indepth coverage for all aspects of the UK industry, from traction and rolling stock to signalling and infrastructure management.