Drawings Catalogue

More than 710 scale dimensioned drawings of New Zealand locomotives, railcars, passenger cars, goods wagons and brake vans are included in this list. Most were drawn to a scale of 1:64, which is full size for 16.5mm gauge model railways. They are offered in convenient sets at modest prices.

Please note: The prices shown include postage within New Zealand (Rural Delivery is extra).  Please enquire for postage costs for overseas. 

Steam Locomotives


Cedric Green (CGL) Series

Sheet size:160 x 445mm Left-hand side and end elevations drawn originally by the late Cedric Green during the 1930s and 1940s of 26 different classes to a scale of 1 to 64 with much supporting data.
SET CGL1 (10 drawings) $45.00. A 4-6-2 Compound (1906-09) Aa 4-6-2 Baldwin (1914) Ab 4-6-2 Superheated (1915) G 4-6-2 Three-cylinder (1937) N 2-6-2 (ex WMR) Baldwin,1891 Nc 2-s-2 (ex WMR) Baldwin, l904 Q 4-6-2 Baldwin (1901) Ub 4-6-0 Baldwin (1898) Ub 4-6-0 Brooks (1901) Ud 4-6-0 (ex WMR) Baldwin, 1904

SET CGL2 (8 drawings) $40.00. Ba 4-8-0 Wide-firebox, No.552 Bc 2-8-2 (ex WMR) Baldwin, 1901 K 4-8-4 As built in 1935-36 O 2-8-0 Baldwin, 1885 Ob 2-8-0 (ex WMR) Baldwin, 1889 T 2-8-0 Baldwin (1879) reboilered X 4-8-2 Compound (1908-14) G Beyer-Garratt as built 1928

SET CGL3 (8 drawings) $40.00 A 0-4-OT Dubs (1873) Fa 0-6-2T Addington (1902-03) G 4-4-OT Black, Hawthorn (1874) K 2-4-2 Rogers (1878) reboilered L 2-4-OT Avonside (1877) PWD La 4-4-OT No.205 in 1897 Q 2-4-4T Rogers (1878) Wh 2-6-2T (ex WMR) Manning Wardle 1884

CEDRIC GREEN EXTENSION SERIES (one drawing) Sheet size: 160 x 445mm.$8.00. When included with another order $2.50.
Class “Ka” oil-fired 4-8-4 type locomotive traced and adapted by D.M. Cole in 1973 from a Cedric Green original to the same scale and in the same style as the Cedric Green series.

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Canterbury Provincial Series

Sheet size: 505 x 253mm. Four dimensioned diagrams (left-hand side elevations only) by Cedric Green of 1600mm gauge locomotives reproduced to a scale of approximately 1 to 77 on one sheet.
SET CPL1 (4 drawings) $25.00. 2-4-OT locomotives Nos.l-4 0-4-2T locomotives Nos. 5, 6 0-4-2T locomotives Nos.7, 8, 10 0-4-OT locomotive No.9

Early Steam Locomotive Series

Sheet size: 203 x 330mm Left-hand side and end elevations of early examples of New Zealand steam locomotives, reproduced to a scale of 1 to 48. Complete with principal dimensions.
SET SL1 (4 drawings) $25.00. drawn by P.F. Dyer
Class “E” Double Fairlie, Avonside 1875 Class “F” 0-6-OST, Dubs and Co.,1880 Class “H” 0-4-2T Fell, Avonside 1875 Class “R” 0-6-4T Single Fairlie, Avonside 1878

SET SL2 Wellington Manawatu Railway Locomotives (6 drawings) $30 (non members $33).
Drawings by the late Cedric Green to a scale of 1 to 64.
No.1 “Bc” Baldwin 1901, No. 2 “N” Baldwin 1891, No. 3 “Nc” Baldwin 1904, No. 4 “Ob” Baldwin 1889, No. 5 “Ud” Baldwin 1904, No. 6 “Wh” Manning Wardle 1884.

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Industrial Steam locomotives

Left-hand side and end elevations of representative types of steam locomotives formerly used by industries such as sawmills, coal mines and freezing works built for use on 1067mm (3ft. 6in.) gauge tracks, except where otherwise noted Many were used by the Public Works Department (PWD) on railway construction work. Prepared by P.F. Dyer.
Geared Logging Locomotives (scale 1 to 48) Sheet size:180 x 305mm

SET GL1 $25.00 Price “Ar” type (No.115) ot 1926 Price “E” type of 1937 Price “Cb” type (No.113) of 1924 Price 16-wheeler of 1912

SET GL2 $25.00 Price “D” type of 1919 Price “C” type of 1920 Price “E” type of 1923 Price “V” type of 1943

Other Industrial Locomotives Sheet size:180 x 305mm (Scale 1 to 32 unless otherwise specified)

SET IL1 $25.00 Barclay 0-4-0T No.1186 of 1909 Peckett 0-4-2T No.1664 of 1924 Hudswell Clarke 0-4-0T No.802 of 1907, (Scale 1 to 24) 2ft. 6in. (914mm) gauge, Barclay 0-4-0T No.1265 of 1911, 4ft. 0in. (1219mm) gauge

SET IL2 $30.00 (Scale 1 to 48) Kerr Stuart 0-4-2ST No.1138,1910 (PWD No.525) Davenport 0-4-0ST Nos.1860-1, 1921 (PWD Nos.526-7) Davenport 0-4-0ST Nos.1862-3, 1921 (PWD Nos.528-9) Barclay 0-4-0T Nos.1748·51, 1921 (PWD Nos.530-3) Hunslet 0-6-0T Nos.1443-45, 1923 (PWD Nos.542-4, later NZR “Y” class) Fowler 0-4-0T Nos.16182-4,1924 (PWD Nos.545-7) Barclay 0-6-0T No.1753, 1921 (PWD No.551) James Davidson 0-6-0ST of 1876 (old NZR “P” class)

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NZR Passenger Cars and Vans

Sheet size: 228 x 380mm Traced by D.M. Cole from NZR originals. Scale 1:64. Side and end elevations, and floor plans, are given in each case .
SET RS1 $28.00 56ft. second-class day car of 1939 56ft. first-class NIMT day car of 1938 56ft. first-class SIMT day car of 1938 56ft. 16-berth sleeping car of 1938 56ft. main trunk brake van of 1943 50ft. Rotorua first-class day car, 1930 50ft. Rotorua second-class day car,1930

SET RS2 $28.00 50ft. NIMT 20-berth sleeping car of 1909 50ft. NIMT dining car of 1908 50ft. NIMT first-class and second-class day cars,1908 50ft. postal sorting car of 1908, as altered l934 47’6″ second-class car of 1902 47’6″ day car of 1901 (American Car 4 ∓ Foundry) 44ft. first-class gallery car of 1900

SET RS4 $25.00 50ft. first-class main-line day car of 1910 50ft second-class main-line day car of 1909 50ft. first-class main-line day car of 1936 50ft. second-class main-line day car of 1936 50ft. SIMT first-class day car of 1930 50ft. SIMT second-class day car of 1930

SET RS5 $25.00 44ft second-class passenger car of 1897 47’6″ second-class suburban car of 1904 47’6″ second-class suburban car of 1911 50ft. second-class suburban car of 1929 50ft. second-class suburban car of 1934 50ft. composite suburban car of 1934

SET RS6 $25.00 30ft. brake van of 1889 30ft. brake van of 1897 44ft. brake van of 1900 43’6″ Manawatu brake van of 1906 47’6 ft. brake van of 1927 30ft. brake van of 1940

SET RS7 $25.00 (A selection of former Wellington and Manawatu Railway Company Rolling Stock) 44ft. passenger car of 1885 by the Gilbert Car Company, U.S.A. 50ft. passenger cars built by the WMR between 1903 and 1907 Alternative seating plans for ex-WMR 50ft. passenger cars 28ft. bogie covered goods wagon (ex-WMR class “V” of 1890-96) 28ft. bogie covered goods wagon (ex-WMR class “RV” of 1898-1902) 43’6″ bogie covered goods wagon (ex-WMR class “PV” of 1905-1906)

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Diesel and Electric Locomotives

Modern Locomotive Series

Sheet size: 203 x 330mm Left-hand side and end elevations drawn by D.M. Cole and P.F. Dyer, one straight electric and three diesel-electric. Scale of 1 to 64 .
SET ML1 (4 drawings) $25.00 Class “Da” General Motors diesel-electric as built 1961-67 Class “Di” English Electric diesel-electric as buiit in 1966 Class “Ed” English Electric and NZR, 1-Do-2 electric as built 1938-40 Class “Dj” Mitsubishi diesel-electric as built in 1968

Diesel Railcars

Railcar Series

Sheet size: 210 x 445mm Four typical designs of diesel railcar as used on New Zealand Railways between approximately 1940 and 1970 are offered in this set. Left hand side, end elevations and floor plans traced by D.M. Cole from NZR. originals.Scale 1: 64.
SET RC1 (4 drawings) $35.00 Wairarapa type, 120 horsepower, of 1936 Standard type, 240 horsepower, of 1939 Vulcan type, 250 horsepower, of 1940 Articulated type, 420 horsepower, of 1955

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NZR Goods Wagons

Wagon Series

Sheet size 228 x 380mm Side and end elevations, and floor plans, prepared by D.M. Cole from NZR plans.Scale of 1 to 64.
SET W1 (6 drawings) $25.00 Class “La” highside open wagons Class “Lc” highside open wagon Class “Rb” bogie highside wagon Class “Q” coal hopper wagons Class “Nc” 4-wheel tlat-top wagon Class “Ub” bogie flat-top wagon

SET W2 (6 drawings) $25.00 Class “H” 4-wheel cattle wagons Class “T” bogie cattle wagon Class “Uc” bogie tank wagon Class “Uct” bulk tallow wagon Class “Ud” bogie well wagon Class “UL” bogie log wagon

SET W3 (6 drawings) $25.00 Class “Kp” 4-wheel covered wagon Class “Xa and Xc” ventilated wagons Class “W” 4-wheel insulated wagon Class “Vs” bogie insulated wagon Class “Z” 3 door covered wagon Class “Zp” bogie covered wagon

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