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2021 New Zealand Railway and Locomotive Society Annual General Meeting Papers

The Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 16 October at: Johnsonville Community Centre 3 Frank Moore Avenue Johnsonville The following papers were provided for the meeting: NZR&LS Agenda¬† – 16 October 2021 2021 Annual General Meeting Report 2020 Annual General Meeting Minutes 2021 Annual General Meeting Proxy Form NZR&LS 2020/21 Financial Statements (Unaudited)  … Read more »

New Zealand Railway and Locomotive Society Board of Management Elections

At this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held on Saturday 16 October there will be an election for the Society’s Board of Management. The Election will be for the following positions; President Secretary Treasurer Directors – four required Those elected will hold their positions for three years. The nomination form for the positions… Read more »

NZRLS AGM held 31 October 2020

President Graeme Carter speaking to his report at the commencement of the AGM. Alongside Graeme is Colin Barry, NZRLS Secretary. Len Chisholm demonstrating the Trainfinda to one of our members. Trainfinda is a database being developed by Len to record descriptions of photographs that have been scanned for posterity and housed at NZRLS as part… Read more »