Search and Copying Fees

Opening Hours/Days

Open Monday, Wednesday, Saturday. Hours 9.30 am to 2.30 pm

1A North Street Petone (adjacent Ava Station)
Phone 04 568 4938, Wellington to check access or book.

Contacts, Graeme McClare, phone 04 528 2745
or Bill Prebble, phone 027 442 5632



Non Members


Search Fee
Request in person
Minimum 1 hour
$10 per visit* Free
request by mail etc.
Minimum 1 hour
$25 first hour,
$20 each additional
half hour
First hour free,
$15 each additional
half hour

for Private Use/Research
Cost of print of image or digital medium + 20%
Minimum charge $15 per order
Cost of print of image or digital medium + 10%
Minimum charge $5 per order

Out sourced reproduction
Colour copying, Photos etc
Enquire for scale of charges
Postage and Packing at cost
* If no significant Archivist input required

Affiliated societies, will be charged as for Society members, except Minimum Charge will be $10 per order.

Full Schedule of Rates and Conditions with Image Request form
The above charges are to assist in meeting the overhead costs of maintaining and administering the archives and the Society’s premises. The Archivist and archive team work on a voluntary unpaid basis.

Our Reply
Enquires for material from our archives may take some time to action. We are a railway interest society, and  only have a very small team of voluntary archives staff who do this work in their spare time.  Sometimes they have to attend to family and other important commitments, so we are not always able to give instant answers to requests  by return email. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for our volunteers to  research and reply to any request.
Thank you

Colin Barry