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That Very First ‘New Zealand Railway Observer’

A Personal Reminiscence by Tom McGavin. (Taken from RESEARCH NOTES #104) It was recently suggested to me that I could describe how the first issue of this journal was put together, all those 58 years ago. To really understand the process of compilation of that first number, described as Volume 1, Number 1, and dated… Read more »

Steam Locomotive A472’s life story.

Rob Merrifield has provided the life story of an “A” class locomotive of significance. The original A 472 was built for the Railways Department by A & G Price Ltd., at Thames, their works number 36. Departmental records show it entered service on 13 March, 1911. From then until 5 September, 1966, when it was… Read more »

Wab 794 this is your story.

Our Society‚Äôs steam locomotive Wab 794 was leased to Feilding and District Steam Rail Society on 1 February 1997 for restoration to service. It was transferred to Feilding, where it arrived on 22 March 1997 to be overhauled. It has worked excursion trains based at Feilding since. Feilding and District Steam Rail Society has restored… Read more »