Maintenance procedures for the WordPress editor

  • These work methods are linked text files that can be printed for reference or displayed on a second screen.
  • All procedures start from being logged on and names are those that you should see
    on the page in front of you if you are proceeding correctly
  • Only logged on users can “edit” these files

Index to linked Procedures

Media Library  All media to be used should be loaded into the media library first.

New Media  adding files to the library

Publications  Changing Links to the PDF catalog

Picture Gallery Making and updating

Add to ROindex adding a new annual Railway Observer content index

RO update – Index and images from a new Railway Observer

For members menu

Turntable back issues adding Turntable copies to the archive

FONZ news  linking to the latest FONZ newsletter

Making a Post What is a Post.explanation. – already a post

For the Administrator

Member Add  to database

Adding a Menu item or making a new menu

Gravity Forms working with Gravity Forms plugin


Apps also needed/used

A text editor, use “NotePad as supplied by Microsoft
or “Editpad Lite”, there are many others.

“Photo Pad Image Editor”
“Paint Shop Pro” – Free edition
“” Image Optimiser to change image sizes.