For 1984 – 1990

Volume 41, 1984 (176 pp. total)
Issue 177
Railway Life – Human Relations (J.A.Dangerfield)
Suburban Train Costing (A.L.R.Merrifield)
Tasmanian Mountains and Pacifics (C.Dennistoun-Wood)
Issue 179
Restoring a Price “Cb” Bush Locomotive
A Boys’-eye View of New Zealand Railways (J.B.Snell)
Taita as a Sub-Terminal Station (D.K.G.Greenhill)
Issue 178
The Automatic Tablet Exchanger – 3 (J.A.Dangerfield)
The Shifting of the Fell (R.J.Meyer)
More on the “Ab” Tank Locomotive (E.J.McClare)
Issue 180
Oturehua in 1951 (W.J.Cowan)
The Little River Tramway (I.D.Maffey)
Electric Units and Suburban Train Performance (T.A.McGavin)
Volume 42, 1985 (180 pp. total)
Issue 181
Signalling at Waipukurau (J.A.Dangerfield)
NZR Early Steel-Panelled Carriages (J.A.Herbert)
Main Trunk Electrification Progress
Issue 183
Recent Signalling Developments (D.K.G.Greenhill)
Rise and Fall of the Makohine Tunnel (Meyer and Moyes)
Steam on the North Island Main Trunk (N.J.Cooper)
Issue 182
The Tawa Flat Deviation (R.J.Meyer)
Back in “Wf” Country (“Pelorus Jack”)
Scenes during the NZRLS 1984 West Coast Convention
Issue 184
The “Kb” Class 4-8-4s (Roy Sinclair)
Silver Stream Railways ex-NZR “C” Class 0-4-2ST Restored
Progress with the Main Trunk Electrification
Exploits with “Ka” Class 4-8-4s (T.A.McGavin)
Volume 43, 1986 (176 pp. total)
Issue 185
Tyro at the Throttle (W.J.Cowan)
Urban Transport Politics in New Zealand (A.L.R.Merrifield)
NZRLS Tarananki Convention 1985 (N . J . Cooper )
Issue 187
Silver Fern Railcar Tests New Timetable (T.A.McGavin)
Testing Diesel-Electric Locomotives in NZ (J.B.C.Taylor)
The Restoration of “Ka” 945
Issue 186
The Day I Drove the Morning Train (“Snifter”)
New Signalling Technology on the NIMT (Ian Cotton)
The NZR’s “Da” Class Diesel-Electrics (T.A.McGavin)
Issue 188
The Te Aroha Railway swing Bridge (J.A.T.Terry)
Wellington & Manawatu Railway “Last Spike” Centenary
Main Trunk Railcar Trials (T.A.McGavin)
Volume 44, 1987 (184 pages total)
Issue 189
Hutt Valley Commuter Services (T.A.McGavin)
Derek Cross and His Camera between Paeroa and Waihi, 1956
S.H.Jenkinson : Engineer, Scientist and Author – Designer of
the “Ab” Class Pacific (J.B.C.Taylor)
Issue 191
The New Zealand Midland Railway (Dalston and Grant)
Impressions of the Main North Line (Robert McGavin)
Restoration of a Kitson Steam Tram
Those Oamaru Excursion Trains of 1876
Issue 190
The East Town Workshops (T.A.McGavin)
Last Days of the “Kb” Class (Robert John)
The Orongorongo Waterworks Railway (Dyer and Meyer)
Express Train Accelerations (T.A.McGavin)
Issue 192
Electric Locomotives for the North Island Main Trunk
Locomotive Performance on the North Island Main Trunk (T.A.McGavin)
Dunedin to Greymouth in 1987 (I.P.Wylie)
Three Steam Locomotives at Ferrymead
Volume 45, 1988 (176 pages total)
Issue 193
The Convention ’87 Specials (N.J.Cooper)
Incidenta in a Railwayman’s Life in the Far North (W.N.Derbyshire)
Automatic Signalling in the 1920s (W,H,H,Grapes)
The Jamboree Specials 1986-87 (F.J.Rowlands)
Issue 195
The Lawrence Daffodil Eccursion Trains of 1937 (W.J.Cowan)
Train Control by Radio
The Restoration of Peveril
Captain Rowan and the Kitsan Steam Tram (R.D.Grant)
Issue 194
The Lyttelton and Christchurch Railway {W.A.Pierre)
Locomotive Performance, Te Kuiti to Auckland (T.A.McGavin)
A Link with North Canterbury Branch Lines (I.D.Spicer)
Golden Jubilee for Johnsonville Line Units {R.J.Meyer)
Issue 196
Railway Recollections (F.H.E.King)
New Zealands Railway Extravaganza – Ferrymead 125 (T.A.McGavin)
Last Days of Steam at Oamaru (Robert John)
Hokonui had a Railway Station (Basil Hutchinson)
Volume 46, 1989 (176 pages total)
Issue 197
Recalling the Standard Railcars (T.A.McGavin)
Bay of Islands Scenic Railway (Bradshaw}
Memories of Aramoho junction (Lindsay Benbrook)
Hutt Valley Train and Bus Timetables Changed
Wellington Tramway Museum Developments
Issue 199
Pleasant Point’s Restoration of “D” 16
Robert John Meyer, 1921-1989
Miniature Live Steam in Auckland (R.A.John)
Out and About with Alan Sim and his Camera
Issue 198
Our First Diesel-Electric Locomotives (T.A.McGavin)
Recreation in a Railway Settlement (Frankton Junction)
Coal Trains in the Mist – West Coast {Robert McGavin}
Black Brothers Trauway at Okarito (P.J.Mahoney)
Fel1 Engine Museum Official Opening {M,A.Quinn}
Issue 200
Our Waikato Convention of 1989
The Great Otago Snowfall of 1908 (W.J.Cowan}
Signalling Developments Reviewed {D.K.G.Greenhill)
A Thorndon Memoir (A.H.Whittington) )
Some Thoughts on 200 “Observers” K.R.Cessella
Volume 47, 1990 (176 pages total)
Issue 201 )
Wellingtons Suburban Trains of 1966 (Robert McGavin
Ellia and Burnand’s Bush Tram, Ongarue (G.T.Carter)
A Steam Locomotive in Taranaki (Neill Cooper)
Issue 204 )
“Ka” 942 Returns to Active Service (John L.Stichbury
Halcyon Days of the North Island Main Trunk (Robert McGavin)
Looking Back with Alan Sim
More Recent Signalling Developments (D.K.G.Greenhill)
More Scenes from the 1980s (Jeff Garmonsway)
“DF” Class Performance on the Picton Line (T.A.McGavin)
Issue 202/3 Combined number,
Restoration of Fell Incline Locomotive No.199
Land Transport Deregulation in New Zealand (A.L.R.Merrifield)
Building Coal Creek Hydro : Roxburgh Branch Line (W.J.Cowan)
The Onerahi Lift Span Interlocking (J.A.T.Terry)
With Derek Cross between Paeroa and Waihi
A “DJ” Excursion in the North Island