For 1991 – 1995

Volume 48, 1991 (176 pages total)
Issue 205
Apprentice Years at Petone Workshops (P.J.D.Davis)
Silver Fern Railcar Performance, “Blue Ferns” (T.A.McGavin)
Life and Death of a Railway Construction Camp, Kopuawhara, Part One (Noel Hilliard)
Issue 207
Steam on the Bay Express, a Centenary Celebration (N.J.Cooper)
The North British Locomotive Company and its Antecedents (G.T.Carter)
Dorset Iron Foundry Locomotives in N Z
Keirunga Park Miniature Railway, Havelock North (A.B.Fordyce)
Issue 206
Ogilvie and Company’s Price “Y” Logging Locomotive No.148
Kopuawhara Railway Construction Camp, Part Tuo
Memoriesof the Petone Railway Workshops (H:C.Herry)
Paeroa’s First Railway Station (J.A.T.Terry)
Issue 208
The Lewis Coal Mine Railway of 1861 (R.D.Grant and J.A.Dangerfield)
New Geyserland and Kaimai Expresses to Rotorua and Tauranga
The North British Locomotive Company’s Final Years (G.T.Carter)
Railways and the Armed Forces (B.R.Hutchinson)
Volume 49, 1992 (176 pages total)
Issue 209
Connoisseur Experience, Midland Line (D.H.Leitch)
Level Crossings in New Zealand (A.L.R.Merrifield)
Big Changes at Wellington, late 1920s (H.C.Berry)
The Pottery Siding at Benhar (C.R.Hachop)
From Silver Fern to Overlander (T.A.McGavin)
Issue 211
Speeding Up the Southerner (T.A.McCavin)
A Bit Shaken Up – the 1990 Dannevirke Earthquake (Alan Brabender)
Reviving a Baldwin, the 2-6-4T “Wd” 357
The Milton-Clarksville Tablet Transmitter (J.A.Dangerfield)
Manning Wardle’s No.859 of 1882 (A.C.Bellamy)
Issue 210
Vulcan Railcars on the Otago Central (M.A,Reid)
Centenary of the Manawatu Line Speed Record (T.A.McCavin)
Classic Steam 1992 Excursions (Neill Cooper)
Cane Train Monday (J.L.Moorman)
Issue 212
Memories of Moana and Mansons, West Coast (R.J.Mann)
Logging Operations in the Bay of Plenty (R.Hepburn)
Changes at Tauranga (Glen Dixon)
Those Oamaru Breakwater Locomotivea (R.D.Grant)
Track Recording Cars, Ancient and Modern (A.L.R.Merrifield)
The little locomotive of Hicks Bay (Peter Dyer)
Volume 50, 1993 (176 pages total)
Issue 213
More Memories of the West Coaat in the 1930s (R.Z.Mann)
Winter 1992 Excursion Traffic in Canterbury (Neill Cooper)
The Big Canterbury snowstorm (G.Anthony)
Is This a Chaplin? (Peter Dyer)
Memories of Thorndon Loco (H:C.Berry)
Wellington Railway Yards in 1968 (Robert McGavin)
Focus on the 1970 s
First Impressions of the DFT Class at Work (Neill Cooper)
Issue 215
Coal Trains Coast to Coast (R.Hepburn)
Days of Provincial Expresses and Fiat Railcars – 2 (R.McGavin)
Mostly Bush Tramway Recollections – 2 (D.R.McQueen)
Some Early PWD Petrol Locomotives (Peter Dyer)
Reminiscences of the Kaikoura Job (Rob Merrifield)
Charles Babbage’s Recording Car (G.J.Tee)
Issue 214
Days of Provincial Expresses and Fiat Railcars (Rob McCavin)
Mostly Bush Tramway Recollections (D.R.McQueen)
Locomotive Numbering, Otago Railways (Gerald Petrie)
The Napier Twins (Peter Dyer)
Focus on the 1970s
Issue 216
The Port Craig Viaducts and their Preservation (Rob Merrifield)
Passchendaele Goes North (a photo story)
The Heyday of the “DA” (Rob McGavin)
Progress with Restoring “K” 92 (Rob Merrifield)
Barry Bricknell’s Driving Ceek Railway (Peter Hodge)
Locomotive Numbering, Correspondence
From Steam to Diesel at Tokomaru Bay (Peter Dyer)
Volume 51, 1994 (144 pages total)
Issue 217
The Revival of “C” 847 (W.J.Rumble)
The GVR’s 1994 Steam Festival (Robert John)
Anderson’s Limited – a Builder and User of Railways —
#1 – Early Years (G.T. Carter)
The End of Manawatu Steam, Part One : The Early 1960s (Rob McGavin)
A Day on Auckland’s City Rail (Hans Bukholt)
The New Rail Safety Regime (Rob. Merrifield)
lssue 219 )
Raised Again : The Restoration of “K” 92 (Rob. Merrifield
Locomotive Humber Plates (Michael Reid)
The Length of New Zealand Railways, Changes Since 1985 (Tom McGavin)
Steam Incorporated’s “Da” 1410 {Michael Burtt)
“Gibbons and Harris” Locomotives (Peter Dyer)
Cobden Bridge Over the Years (E.J.McClare and R.Hepburn)
Special Trains to Rugby Test at Dunedin (Glen Anthony)
Auckland Suburban Train Services (T.A.McGavin)
End of Tablet Working on the NZR (Bruce Hermann)
Locomotive Numbering, 5 – More Correspondence (Ron Grant & Gerald Petrie)
Issue 218
Andersons Limited – A Builder and User of Railways —
#2 – Busy Years (G.T.Carter)
Moving Waikato Coal (A Pictorial Essay by K.B.Ward)
The End of Manawatu Steam, Part Two : (Rob McCavin)
An Engine Called Aunt Sally – Brownlee and Co. (Peter Dyer)
Double Drivers Up the Raurimu Spiral (Graeme Clover)
The Railway Enthusiasts Society’s Easter Rai1 Tour (Neill Cooper)
“Capital Connection” Services on Manawatu Line Increased (John Lawes)
Issue 220
Restoration of the Percy Burn Viaduct (Southland District Council)
Coalburners to the Coalfields Fxcursion (Robert John)
Our Golden Jubilee Convention (T.A.McGavin)
“Dispatch”, a Bush Locomotive (Peter Dyer)
Locomotive Numbering, 6 – North Island Locomotive Names (Gerald Petrie)
Five-Engine Trains on the Rimutaka Incline (J.A.Y.Terry)
The 1994 Excursions to Arthur’s Pass (Neill Cooper)
Volume 52, 1995 (148 pages total) —
Issue 221
The Christchurch Tramway Resurrection (Ron Grant)
The Christchurch Tramway – A New Venture (Rob. Merrifield)
Christchurch Tramways 1880-1954 (Ron Grant)
The Last “Gibbons and Harris” Locomotive (Mike Coghlan)
New Zealand Railways 1893-1913 (T.A.McGavi.n)
Issue 223
Sixteen Years On : The Otago Excursion Train Trust (W.J.Cowan)
A 40th Anniversary : Opening of the Rimutaka Tunnel and Deviation (T.A.McGavin)
Last of the Line : Dispatch Foundry Rail Tractors (Peter Dyer)
The Awapuni Racecourse Private Line (Alan Brabender)
The Waipara Vintage Festival, September 1995 (Glen Anthony)
Wheels on the Port Craig Viaducts in 1948 (Ross McQueen)
A New Zealander’s Steam Locomotive Purchases in South Africa (Rob. Merrifield)
Issue 222
Electric Trains to Upper Hutt, 40th Anniversary (Tom McGavin)
N.Z.Rail : Eighteen Months of Private Ownership (Rob. Merrifield)
Petone in 1949 and 1994
The Shunting Locomotive at Borthwick’s Freezing Works, at Waingawa (Ken Cassells)
Watkins Brothers Sawmill at Kakahi (Bob Mann)
Restoration of the Belgrove Railway Windmill (Steve Bagley)
Issue 224
A Golden Jubilee : Completion of the Picton to Christchurch Railway (T.A.McGavin)
The Waiouru Military Camp Private Siding (Paul Napier)
The Pukemiro Line (Graeme Clover)
Davidson’s Bush Locomotives – 1 : The First Standard Type (Peter Dyer)
New Timetable for Tranz Scenic Passenger Train Services (T.A.McGavin)
Weed-Spray Trains 1957 to 1992 (Bob Hepburn)