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The Society was formed in 1944 by enthusiasts interested in the then New Zealand Railways. Membership is open to all with an interest in the New Zealand Railway system both old and new. Member groups meet in most cities where talks, films, and other activities can be enjoyed. Read more–>

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WMR 52 Progress Update

This photo shows John Vannisselroy cutting tierods out from the floor framing of WMR 52. Broken and rotted longitudinal sills from behind him have already been removed. They were very badly affected by breaks and by rot as a result of long exposure to the weather. Transoms are being removed as the team work from left to right, as seen in this photo. The floor will be rebuilt using salvaged sound original wood as far as possible, complemented by new wood where necessary.

After the floor is completed the upper body will be restored similarly and lowered back down for re-connection with the floor. Plenty of
woodwork ahead yet!

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