Silverstream Restoration Workshop

We were donated some woodworking machinery several years ago that has been very helpful in our carriages restoration project.

As the first carriage, No. 48, approaches concluding fitting out work, and before we make a serious start on rebuilding the second, No. 52, it is appropriate to pause and carry out maintenance of the woodworking machines to ensure we continue to be able to produce top quality work in our restoration programme.

One member has taken on this task and is making a real difference to these machines, repairing wear and tear from years of work. The photographs show him at work on a morticing machine that is invaluable for the making of the very many tenoned joints in the carriages’ frames













and a thicknesser, used to dress wood to the thicknesses and finishes needed.




Photos, Rob Merrifield





Donations towards the cost of materials and services are appreciated and welcomed as we progress with our project. There is an ongoing cost in running the workshop, electricity and property rates, for example, together with an ongoing need for materials. Costs have been covered using all available sources of funds since we began work.

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