New A&G Price Drawings available

A&G Price Drawings – a further batch of drawings are now available.
The lastest batch scanned are from the third cabinet and are high-resolution scans of the rail-relevant tracings . These cover the period from the mid-1940s to the mid-1950s and include surviving drawings of the V-type steam lokey, the RNZAF 87hp petrol locos, the 3ft-gauge Remutaka tunnel construction diesel locos and the first of Price’s second-generation shunting tractors, among others. There are also a number of logging and mining drawings.
Full details of charges and a list of all drawings can be found in the downloadable PDF files under the Archives tab on the Society’s website. The plans are in cabinets and as they are scanned and become available we will add further PDF files.
These drawings are fragile and many are in poor condition. They are not stored at the Society’s archive premises at Ava. Therefore it is generally not possible for researchers to access the originals.

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  1. Jo Evans

    Hi Sandra. My grandfather was company accountant at A7G Price and for a time manager of the Auckland branch. He joined the firm sometime in the early 1900s and served there until the virtual closure of the business at the time of the depression around 1930. Do the archives now held by NZRLS cover this period? If so I would love to have the opportunity to peruse them for any references to my Grandfather. His name was Maurice Vernon Granville-Jones and was closely associated with the Doble steam bus project of the late 1920s. Thanks, Jo Evans. Member no. 4279.

    • Sandra Knight

      hello Jo,

      Thanks for your email. It’s always interesting to see how our members are somehow related to the railway scene through relatives.

      While we do hold a lot of A&G Price archives, it is either mechanical drawings or mechanical files. We don’t hold any holdings that relate to staff, which I suspect is what you are looking for. The only possibility that we may have something with his name on is if he was a draughtsman, in which case his name may be on some of the mechanical drawings.

      However, the museum at Thames was also a recipient of A&G Price archives, so I would recommend making contact with them. Alternatively, the current A&G Price business may have retained some personnel records, so could also be worth a try.

      Sorry we haven’t been able to respond positively with the information you are after but I trust this may be of some small help

      Bill Prebble
      Assistant archivist

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