Update from North End Workshop


In early November North End Workshop took delivery of two buffers donated by our member Ian Jenner.

These have been sent to go on WMR Carriage 52 when its restoration has progressed enough to be able to fit them. The original drawgear was scrapped many years ago by a former owner when carriage 52 was grounded, in the expectation that it would never run again. These buffers are our latest acquisition to replace the parts taken off carriage 52 many years ago. We now have bogies and wheels, air brake cylinder and triple valve, and these buffers, all donated by members and friends.

We are grateful to everyone who has contributed so far to the future restoration of this very sad old carriage. We plan to move on to working on 52 as our volunteers come towards the end of what we are able to do ourselves on WMR 48.

Don’t forgot you can make a monetary contribution towards the restorations of the carriages by using the donation tab under the restoration tab on this website. All donations will be receipted for tax purposes.

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